Del Villar Auto Sales | Los Angeles, CA

You work hard to do your part for a better life. Yet, your ability to buy a vehicle has hit a roadblock. Whether you filed for bankruptcy, got divorced, had slow payments in the past, had unpaid medical bills, or even had a repossession,
we can help match you with an auto lender. Or, you may not have established any lines of credit in your lives.

We can also work with those on a tight fixed budget or are self-employed and have variable income. Come by and sit with one of our specialists to find out how they can help you.


We look beyond your credit score to the other factors that make you a qualified buyer. We know that you are not your credit history, so why should financial issues from the past stand in the way of your future purchases? Instead of focusing on your credit, we look at the following:

Are you at least 18 years-old?

Do you have bad credit or no credit?

Do you have a steady monthly income?

When it comes time to buy a new or used automobile, Del
Villar is here to help the communities of East LA, Montebello,
Maravilla, Wellington Heights, Commerce, and the
surrounding area.

We can help you get the vehicle you need by working with our team of lenders to get you approved for that loan.

We know that bad things happen to good people. With our
special inventory, let us help you find the vehicle you want
for that second chance.

We work with the largest loan financing companies to ensure
each person gets best auto loan, no matter the payment history.

You can purchase a new or used vehicle from us with special financing designed to rebuild your credit


We work with people who have good, fair, bad, or no previous credit history,
as well as people who have zero or no money down.
We can help with negative situations such as..



Currently delinquent

History of writing bad checks over a long period of time

Talk with us today and get started on your new vehicle journey with the credit you deserve and take the first step towards re-establishing your credit.